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Mota-Engil Engenharia trains and recruits in Guiné Bissau, in partnership with the CPLP Training Institute


Mota-Engil Engenharia started its training project in partnership with the Community of Portuguese Speaking Nations (CPLP) Training Institute with the aim of encouraging the integration of Guinea Bissau Workers in Portugal.

The project began with the selection process, followed by a programme of training designed to consider the various functions to be mobilised with theory and practice aspects and focus on the areas of health, hygiene and safety at work with the practice element adapted to the functions identified.

The main premises of this model are those of ensuring social and professional integration in Portugal that contributes to the reversing of irregular and hazardous emigration while strengthening the Civil Construction area at Mota Engil Engenharia in Portugal.

The programme also aims to train local workers to encourage their integration into civil construction in the Guinea Bissau labour market by reinforcing their technical and professional skills, giving them qualifications for a return to an active life. This integrated training, qualification and mobility of human resources project has been designed with an added value for the source country, as 40% of the qualified workers will be available to the local labour market and will contribute to the qualification of local professionals.

With the support and involvement of various entities in Guinea Bissau, this project makes an essential contribution to the level of professional development, along with social responsibility when its contribution to the local community is considered.

The incorporation of the first professionals into this project at Mota Engil Portugal will take place this coming June 2022.