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Vision and Strategy


Today, the issue of sustainable development represents a concern and a challenge on a global scale.

Aware of the fundamental role plaid by the companies to achieve an agenda for sustainability, the Mota-Engil Group includes in its Vision and Strategy of development, a firm commitment with a model of ethical, social and environmentally responsible management, defined by a Code specifically developed on this issue and transversally implemented within the group of subsidiaries present in 28 countries. 

Thus, we bet in an inclusive approach of the values and principles of sustainability in the systems of management, operations and activities, practices and corporate attitudes, with particular emphasis to the relationship and communication with the stakeholders in an atmosphere of rigor, transparency and openness.

We believe in the virtues and benefits of a management model socially and environmentally responsible, driver of the highest standards of eco-efficiency which protects the environment and preserves natural resources, which promotes differentiation and the competitive excellence by generating an internal environment conducive to learning, innovation, efficiency, quality and continuous improvement of our performance. 

We are convinced of the need to best protect and manage our human capital, by attracting and retaining qualified and motivated human resources within a framework of rigor and commitment, enhancing excellency and merit, career development, the constant desire to learn and improve, thus enabling to turn the universe of companies of the Mota-Engil Group into dynamic and progressive work communities, fit to face easily the challenges of the future.

Our commitment

We believe that the determination of our commitment and of our vision and strategy of sustainability are the guarantors of the ability of managing risks and ensuring the business strength and success, translating the continuous commitment of the Mota-Engil Group in generating value in a context of growth, diversification and internacionalisation.

Working for an integrated and sustainable development, through its policy of social responsibility and sustainability, the Mota-Engil Group aims to ensure an effective contribution to the integrated development of the communities where it operates, especially in the social, cultural, education, training and environmental fields.

We are confident to be contributing to a more prosperous and fair society, where economic growth, social cohesion and environment protection go hand in hand, ensuring the improvement of the quality of life for the present and future generations.

+ The CEO Guide to Human Rights +

Gonçalo Moura Martins, CEO of Mota-Engil has urged to take action for human rights and joined the group of Portuguese CEOs signatories of the CEO guide to Human Rights, launched by BCSD Portugal.
38 Portuguese business men and managers have challenged their peers for a greater ambition in the promotion of human rights in their organisations and value chains. See the CEO’s Guide to Human Rights here.