Ethics & Compliance Hotline

Mota-Engil’s good name and reputation are product of the dedication and hard work from all of us. It is our responsibility to preserve and improve this reputation. The goal isn’t only to observe the law, rules and regulations applicable to our business and markets where we operate, but also a continuous work maintaining high ethical and business conducts standards.

The irregularities communication channel represents the exclusive and confidential resource, made available by Mota-Engil, for the safe and confidential communication of irregularities or practices observed not according with a straightforward, ethical and transparent performance, translated in our Code of Ethical and Business Conduct and sustained by our internal rules and legislation in force in the countries where we operate.

Total confidentiality on the provided information will be guaranteed, which is solely received and analyzed by an independent team directly connected with the company’s supervisory body.

The communication or report can be done by filling the fields presented alongside, by sending and e-mail to or by letter to the address “Auditoria Interna – Rua do Rego Lameiro, n.º 38, 4300 – 454 Porto”.

Your contribution is confidential and very important!