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Latin America

A growing New World

Mota-Engil has been present in Latin America since 1998 when it began its business in Peru, a market in which it has the experience and the means to operate in all areas of the construction sector and where it is among the top 4 companies in the Engineering and Construction industry.

Believing in the potential of Latin America, the Group has promoted the expansion of its presence into markets such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, completing benchmark construction projects and including in its portfolio, highway concessions covering a network of over 1,000 km.

In Mexico, Mota-Engil is developing large-scale infrastructure projects in several technical fields such as highway construction, the Guadalajara subway, hospitals and other buildings and is also involved in the Environmental field through GISA as well as in the energy production sector through Generadora Fénix, the first private operator in this market.

In Brazil, and through ECB with head office in Belo Horizonte, the business is expanding in the fields of road and railway infrastructure and is taking also action in the Environment segment, through Consita.

As a benchmark regional operator in terms of infrastructure, Mota-Engil has broadened its presence in 2016 to markets such as Chile, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Aruba.

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Latin-American Portfolio

Operating for over 20 years in Latin America, today Mota-Engil is a regional company and with a wide curriculum of relevant works in the infrastructures sector.

See in our portfolio more projects in Latin America.

Latin-American Portfolio

En cours Mexico Tren Maya
Ongoing Colombia Canoas Pumping Station
Ongoing Honduras El Tornillito
Ongoing Brasil Torto Dam