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Environment and Services

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Mota-Engil Ambiente e Serviços is engaged in a diversified and wide portfolio of activities and businesses, positioning the Group as one of the main national service exporters.

In the environmental field, Mota-Engil Ambiente e Serviços operates in the sector of integrated management of waste, leading the sector in Portugal, through EGF and SUMA.

EGF operates in the treatment and recovery of waste through technologically advanced solutions, operating through 11 multi-municipal systems of treatment and recovery of municipal waste, ensuring the entire value chain of integrated waste management, in Portugal, and with strong potential of expansion into new markets.

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With SUMA, ensures the leadership in Portugal within the private market of municipal waste management, operating in Angola, Mozambique, Poland, Brazil and Mexico.

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In the logistics sector, Mota-Engil was the first portuguese private operator of railway freight transport.

The multi-services component includes businesses in the fields of building and facility maintenance and rehabilitation of pipelines through MANVIA, landscape architecture, design and maintenance of green spaces and golf courses through VIBEIRAS.

Main Activities

  • Collection of municipal and industrial waste
  • Urban cleaning
  • Biological and mechanical treatment of waste
  • Energy and organic recovery of waste
  • Environmental education


Operation of railway freight transport


  • Maintenance of buildings and facilities
  • Rehabilitation of pipelines
  • Landscape architecture
  • Design, construction and maintenance of green spaces and golf courses