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Projects and Initiatives

By developing the goals and fundamental strategic axis of its Social Responsibility Program, the Mota-Engil Group supports a very broad range of projects and initiatives, concentrating in the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, as vehicle for the promotion of the social responsibility policy of the Mota-Engil Group, the coordination of the related Programs management and implementation.

The aids for culture, education, science and health are among the areas of intervention where the Group has been present more prominently, being associated, in a more stable and lasting way, to institutions of reference at a national level in all areas mentioned, also receiving and supporting projects and initiatives from civil society considered of particular relevance and social interest.

The supports to disability, infancy, youth and housing are among the most prominent causes and are a main concern of the Group activity, assuming its commitment with a socially responsible way of being and acting.

True to its corporate outset, the Foundation is equally aware of its responsibility before the universe of Mota-Engil employees.

The social and family aid to employees and promotion of volunteer work are, therefore, at the top of the list of concerns of the Foundation, thus seeking to value the human capital of the Mota-Engil community, addressing their problems and giving voice to their aspirations, promoting an active and participative citizenship by contributing freely and selflessly in voluntary work.

Solidarity across borders expresses likewise the Foundation will to be present in the several geographies where Mota-Engil operates, with the Foundation being increasingly engaged in this process in several countries.