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Mota-Engil has announced 2014 Annual Results

Last year, Mota-Engil has recorded a net result of 50.55 million euros, in line with the profits obtained in 2013.


Mota-Engil’s turnover has reached 2.4 billion, 45% of which in Africa, where sales and services provision recorded a 5, 2% increase to 1,062 million. In Latin America the turnover increased 26.1% to 537 million euros and in Europe increased 2.2% to 931 million euros.

Turnover outside Portugal has totaled 1.772 million euros, representing 74, 8% of the Group’s total activity.

EBITDA increased 12, 8%, to 409, 2 million euros and the operative results (EBIT) increased 12,3%, to 272,6 million euros.

In 2014, the Group has invested a total of 220 million euros, more 54 million than in the previous year, with the intensification of activity in Africa and Latin America.

Hence, the Group’s order book has reached 4.413 million euros.