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Mota-Engil guarantees new contracts in Africa worth 445 million euros

Awards include the execution of mining services in Mozambique


MOTA-ENGIL ÁFRICA has guaranteed the award of a mining contract in Mozambique worth a total of approximately 379 million euros. This project, awarded by VALE, includes execution of mining services comprising drilling, provision of explosives, load and transportation of waste rocks and coal in the coal extraction project in Moatize, of which the contracting is also concessionaire. Vale is one of the world’s largest mining companies and Latin America’s largest private company, with head office in Brazil, operating in 5 continents.

In Angola, MOTA-ENGIL ANGOLA ensured the signature of a contract in this country worth 76 million dollars. The award by the Luanda Province Government, corresponds to the third stage of the project to renovate the streets of Luanda, including holes, sidewalks and kerbs repairs, placement of traffic signs and cleaning of collectors, among other services and provisions.

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