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FMAM was declared of Public Utility

By Government resolution of October 10


The Manuel António da Mota Foundation was declared of Public Utility by Government Resolution published in Diário da República from October 10, 2014.

In accordance with the law, the public utility status is given to private foundations with 3 years of effective and relevant operation and that develop relevant activity in favour of the community in various fields, and it must also have the proper human and material means to comply with its statutory purposes.

The Foundation is very happy for acknowledging the relevance of the work we have been developing since early 2011 in Portugal and in favour of communities from other countries where Mota-Engil is present, honouring the inspiring memory of Manuel António da Mota and acknowledging the Mota-Engil Group through a coherent and structured social responsibility policy of which the Foundation is a privileged vehicle.

The Foundation will do everything to live up to this important acknowledgment, looking towards the future with an extra sense of responsibility and a feeling of renewed trust.