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Vale classifies Mota-Engil among one of the world’s safest


The performance of Mota-Engil in the construction of section 3 of the Nacala Railway Corridor was considered the best result in projects of the Brazilian Mining Company Vale in Africa. In this audit Mota-Engil exceeded the target set, placing itself as one of the best projects in terms of all Vale operations worldwide. This outcome results from a long and persevering work which mirrors the unyielding desire to foster a safety culture.

 The Nacala railway corridor’s primary objective is to transport the mined coal in Moatize Mine (Tete) in Mozambique through the Nacala deep-water port also in Mozambique, crossing in its path the southern region of Malawi.

The project health and safety team consists of 54 people among the manager, engineers and health and safety technicians. In addition, there are also, six physicians, six paramedics, nine nurses and three analyst technicians supported by two advanced life support ambulances and two clinics.