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Mota-Engil assumes management and operation of ports in Malawi 


Malawi Ports Company, a subsidiary of Mota-Engil in that country, has been awarded the management of the ports of Chipoka, Chilumba, Nkhata Bay and Monkey Bay, located along lake Malawi, for a period of 35 years.

The representative of the secretary of State of Transportation and Public Works for the Malawi Government, James Chirwa mentioned that “the port sector is a priority”, the agreement reached having promoted the entry of foreign investment, furthering a more efficient system of maritime transportation for goods and people.

Representing Mota-Engil was José Dinis, executive director in this market, who on the same occasion confirmed the company’s satisfaction as well as the responsibility that comes from assuming the enormous challenges that result from the rehabilitation needed in the ports in order to make them more efficient. According to the company’s director, it is vital to make the transport of goods by sea cheaper.

This subsidiary company of the Mota-Engil Group took in 79 local workers who were employed at these ports, thus guaranteeing their work positions, with an investment in technical training for them also projected, in addition to new equipment to improve port operations. José Dinis assured the Malawi Government that Mota-Engil will make the appropriate investment for the improvement of port services and their competitiveness, guaranteeing that the ports will be duly modernised and in compliance with local and international regulations.