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Mota-Engil implements new organisational model


Never before has the Group had such high level of activity in international markets. Foreseeing that this trend will rise in the coming years (70% of the portfolio in late 2011 comes from the international market), and in order to scale the support structure and provide the best operational and financial conditions for the international development of the Group, a new organisational model was developed and recently implemented.

The Chief Executive Officer, Jorge Coelho, states that the new Organisational Model will be the starting point for the update of the Strategic Plan, which is currently underway and should be completed by the end of the first half of the year. The strategic guidelines will maintain the general lines of the “Ambition 2013” but with the necessary updates.  

The fundamental principles of the  organizational model are based on a matrix established by regions (Portugla/Africa/Central Europe and Latina America) to the detriment of the previous one, established by business areas, and also on a centralised Financial and Human Resources management.

In an integrated logic of a Group with the geographic and business diversity as that of Mota-Engil, this new model seeks to ensure an adequate support structure to the new and varied challenges envisioned for the Organisation.